Who's The "Rich" in SoundRich?

  • From teenage DJ, to G.I. broadcaster, to Top 40 PD, to sports-talk, radio, to public TV, to advertising creative, to public radio indie producer, to podcaster. Still Rich in name only.

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Chris Frear

That's a moving piece, Rich. You've got a great storytelling touch.


We should air this in Tampa! I'm the news director at WUSF - can you contact me at [email protected]

Jean Bunch

Rich--Read about this in THE LEDGER. So proud to have known you at LHS and to know that a part of you remains in Lakeland. You're a talented guy--this was an amazing story! I share your love of learning others' stories. Hope to connect next time you're in town.
Jean Hauger Bunch
LHS Class of '61

Stephen Berr

I remember driving across the Sunshine Bridge in 1989 I think, visiting some friends in Florida. The drive was amazing, and scary! We were told that some people freeze as they drive across, and are afraid to move forward or backward. Cameras reveal their plight, and the police help them continue their journey. I can believe it.

Stephen Johnston

You are a fantastic story teller. Let's hear more on a National airing regularly! NPR needs you.

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